AJ, pí.uč. Buňková

Task 1:

Send me a document till Friday 3/4 which will contain these exercises:

1. Cross the odd one out and explain why (one sentence to each line)

e.g. cat – dog – house – horse : It is not an animal.

a. wood – wool – silk – cotton

b. earrings – belt – skirt – necklace

c. striped – checked – fashionable – plain

d. pointed – flat – high-heeled – flared

2. Four sentences: two things you used to do a month ago and you cannot do now. Two things you didn´t use to a month ago, but you do now.

e.g. I used to…

3. Write sentences describing these pictures using too or enough.

a. too

b. enough

c. enough

d. too

4. Answer the question: What does he regret the most?

Watch a video and find the answer: Used to/Past habits for low intermediate ESL students https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOW47qRueCE

Task 2:

· Do the new exercises on umimeto.org (3 shields)

· Revise irregular verbs. Add the new words to your list of irregular verbs: Learn all irregular verbs in one song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MA3NFtLc22k

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